Friday, June 20, 2008

Saw An Interesting Thing on TV

I think it was CNN. (All these reports seem to run together, don’t they?) One of the supposed experts predicted that gasoline would reach $5.00 a gallon by the 4th of July.

At that time it was suggested that there was now a frantic need for alternative sources of energy.

Then it was announced that sales of trucks and other vehicles that get two or three gallons to the mile weren’t selling well … duh …

At that time it was suggested that there was now a frantic search for alternative sources of energy.

This was followed by the Arabs considering increasing oil production – thus lowering prices – so that other countries wouldn’t be so eager to develop alternate sources of energy.

(See? Somebody was paying attention.)

I later heard that someone running for president suggested that we build 47 (actual) nuclear reactors to produce electricity. (What a forward thinking idea. You won’t need lights at night if your state glows in the dark. Why didn’t anybody think of this before?)

At that time it was suggested that there was now an interested search for alternative sources of energy.

I also heard that since there were now fewer cars on the highway, the high cost of oil was actually being beneficial to the environment. (This was said by someone on CBS News. I haven’t liked CBS News since Walter Cronkite left, so I kept waiting for the newscaster’s nose to grow, but it didn’t. I was disappointed.)

There is now a great push toward offshore drilling, and for massive oil drilling in Alaska. Today I heard that “if Alaska could be opened for drilling now, we wouldn’t have to search for alternative sources of energy for another 40 years.”


Excuse me, but, uh … if ya wait another 40 years to start looking for this alternative energy stuff … who’s gonna be here to use it?

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Julie Morrison said...

I am completely disgusted by energy talks. We didn't continue to conserve after the last major gasprice hikes in the 70's, the car manufacturers made gas guzzlers, failing to think green. We worked on the Alaske pipeline that was supposedly supposed to offset this very day, and what happened to that?
I hear an undercurrent of two things: Self sufficiency and anarchy. Why has it ever been a good idea to do business with our enemies???