Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Response To Your Comments

I posted excerpts from nine plays. Comments on and off the blog expressed the most interest in my one work in progress, THE TEAPOT COLLECTOR. Thank you. I’m encouraged to pick up where I left off almost a year ago.

I posted a lighthearted jab at Hillary’s image … Nicki responded by saying that the story of Barack Obama would make a great musical. I agree. (In fact I’ll be greatly surprised if there aren’t several dramatizations eventually produced.) Not ten minutes ago I saw an interview with Mister Obama, who stated that Will Smith has already volunteered to play the role.

I posted a question (and later deleted it) in which I solicited advice. Most of the responses were thoughtful and intelligent. Thank you. Only one response was from someone who used the name “Anonymous” instead of the far more appropriate name of “Pond Scum.” Ah well. Be careful what you ask for.


Deigh Wyandot said...

I am very sorry to read that you can ask a question of your readers, but when one of them has ideas that differ from what you want to hear is distressing. If everyone agrees with the question, why bother to pose it in the first place. To refer to a reader as "Pond Scum" just because they chose to not have their name highlighted on the internet for ever is not a valid reason to refer to them as "Pond Scum".
Usually, people will chose to delete/ignore something when the answer hits close to home and that it hits close to the truth. Even "Pond Scum" serves a purpose in life.

Julie Morrison said...

More power to you. Certainly on your own blog you needn't put up with berating remarks. If people had the guts to sign their names, I gave them equal time.
Looking forward to reading more of the Teapot story and hearing the reading.

Jack Bunny said...

Hey Deigh,

I would not dismiss any comments simply because no name was given. In this case the person obviously knew more of the situation than I included on the post, but gave a judgement based only on those facts that would lead to that judgement. The larger picture and the consequences were ignored.

Nicki said...

Actually, I know for a fact that the Second City crew in Chicago did a show called "Between Barack and a Hard Place." but I didn't see it, so I can't tell you how it was.