Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Rose In The Middle of the Garden

No hidden purpose here. I saw this on another blog. Everything about it charmed me - color, composition, subject matter ... cute cute cute.

So I ... that is, I just sort of ... "borrowed" it - to share with you.

Maybe I'll be lucky and the photographer won't notice.
I mean, like, there's gotta be a gazillion blogs out there, right? So what are the chances ...?


Julie Morrison said...

All pictures on the Radical Write not borrowed from other blogs or unasked sources are subject to copyright. That means you can copy, right?
(She didn't notice.)

Jack Bunny said...

Whew. So far, only Julie noticed, and she's my friend. Friends don't turn in friends, do they?

Do they?


Julie Morrison said...

Lucky day, the princess has seen your blog and she is laughing. Spouses...hmmmm they can turn you in and still sleep at night.( He's sleeping now, I think you're safe.)

Jack Bunny said...

Rock a bye, baby ...