Tuesday, May 24, 2011


     ZACK has closed. It was a good play. The best performance was the last one - it took the cast awhile to "get it." To properly express casual British humor is generally a blue mystery to a number of American performers (certainly to the ones in my cast.) Eventually we discovered where the laughs came and mimicked the actions that provoked positive responses, without (I suspect) never being entirely sure why the reactions came. Clueless we were. But eventually the show took a lumbering leap forward, drew audiences, made money, and everybody went away happy ...

    I was not there for set strike. I was working on another project the day the walls were dismantled and the furniture was covered and trucked away. Just as well - not only did the show close. but the theatre as well. The building will be turned into office space, and the auditorium - minus the stage - will become the temporary home for a church. I wish them well - and also luck. The ghost of Richard III roams the halls, as does Eliza Doolittle, Puck, Major Barbara, and Puff the Magic Dragon.

     I've started work - pre-production stuff - on the next play I'm directing, OF MICE AND MEN. Different play, different theatre. I've been given a real luxury here - allowed to name my own crew. So, with the exception of the stage manager, I brought the entire ZACK crew over to the new project. Happy me.

     So. There you are. And there I am. New project. New goals. New expectations. And I'm all set to start, anxious even. I'm starting tomorrow. Right after lunch. Tomorrow. Sometime tomorrow.


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