Monday, May 30, 2011

My time of day ...

     There's a song from GUYS AND DOLLS that starts out "My time of day is the dark time, a couple of deals before dawn ..." I think that fits me. The quiet outside my door seems to express the quiet I feel inside.

     I am tired, tired. Weary. Staging two major plays back to back is bad enough, but yesterday I was forwarded a message from the witch who manages the theatre building we just vacated, accusing us of stealing furniture! Fortunately someone in our group reached her (today) before I could. Just as well. Tell me - have you ever met someone who irritates you just by breathing? That's her. For the past year I've dealt  with her through others, because when I'm forced to face her directly, in no time at all I'm so angry that I become something less than articulate.

     My writing partner is now finishing the book based on the play we co-authored. Watching her progress has been fascinating to me. She has fleshed out countless allusions and given depth to the words that normally would only come alive when spoken by an actor. A year or so ago we started writing a novel together that remains in rough draft and wanting an ending. Perhaps when she finished this one, we may go back to that one. I think I hope so.

     All quiet on the political front at the moment. The economy is so poor that schools across the country are drastically cutting back on arts funding of any sort. In a way this is benefiting our  theatre group, as we have taken on a number of fresh-faced interns, eager to please. (And we, of course, are eager for them to be eager.)

     There is one small announcement that is of interest. It is rumored that Sarah Palin may soon announce that she is running for President. I think that would be grand. She is the eternal fountain from which any number of genuinely funny jokes spring fourth. I have looked over the group of Republicans who have already announced their lackluster candidacy. They are a singularly bland bunch.

     I saw on television that former California Governor Schwarzenegger has announced that he is indeed the father of the boy born to one of his servants. It's sad to admit that we, the people, are so jaded that this crumb of information will do nothing but enhance his career as a movie actor.

     I have been truly blessed by the fact that, although it has rained fiercely over the past few months, my house has neither been blown nor washed away. Since I live on the sheltered side of a high hill, storms tend to go around rather than over me. The water in the stream below would have to rise by more than 80 feet to invade my backyard.

     I have added another name to my BFF list. It is "Open The Pod Bay Doors, Hal." If you like movie lore and observations, you might find this man interesting.

     It is now twenty minutes to four, and the sun is throwing pre-shadows over the city to my right. I think I can sleep now, fully sated. As always, thanks for the company.


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Patrick McGregor II said...


This is my favorite song from my favorite show! ..."When the street belongs to the cop...and the janitor with a mop...and the grocery clerks are all gone!"

I can definitely relate to your position on being tired from working hard on multiple shows. I'm working on 6 this summer! I'm already stressed but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything! I can imagine you feel the same way!