Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Night lite

 It's nearish to 1 a.m. Close enough.

ZACK opened to a quite receptive audience Friday night. The show was well received, and the comments were all positive, if carefully considered. What does that mean? I had hoped for gibbering hysteria. On the other hand, the after-the-show crowd hung around until we had to (politely) throw them out in order to close the theatre. So I suppose we did well. This production was not scheduled for a review, and that's too bad. I would have liked validation for our efforts.

I'm scheduled to review HAMLET for a small theatre group tomorrow night. I've seen the actor in the lead role before, and have always respected and admired his work. In appearance and speech, he reminds me of James Mason. I plan to have an enjoyable evening.

Speaking of Shakespeare, I have just committed to direct ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA next spring. Although the announcement won't be made public by the theatre for at least another month, I have already received a number of phone calls from talented and heavy-breathing actresses. I think I'm gonna like my job.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will mention that I'm directing OF MICE AND MEN, starting in mid June, and have been receiving phone calls from men interested - very - in the lead roles. Yeah yeah. Wait your turn.

A friend of mine is directing a play - I don't know the name - which opens the first of June. She asked me today if I had a rowboat I could loan her for the production and/or several large fake boulders. As it turns out, I have a Styrofoam boulder. I used it in an Easter cantata, and the thing has been in the trunk of my car ever since.

My writing partner attended a meeting of movie makers (and the purpose of this gathering was not disclosed to me). She was the only writer, and coincidentally, the only woman. After the meeting she started a ten minute script, and dyed her hair brunette. Okay ...

Would you call a friend and ask if he or she had any large fake rocks you could borrow? I'm not sure which bothers me more - that she asked, or that I did.

Well, it's now close onto 3 a.m. and I've rambled on enough to bore myself to the point of sleep. As always, I've enjoyed your company.


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