Thursday, August 7, 2008

Should Women Be Ordained Pastors?

I came across a site (led by a woman) that implied that women should not hold positions of church leadership; specifically, that a woman pastor, by simply holding that position, is in sin.

The large majority of comments that followed this post agreed with the woman’s train of thought, stating that (1) it was a shame women were entering ministry, (2) that they were “sneaking” in where they don’t belong, and (3) God is strongly opposed to women as Church leaders. Two commentators went so far as to admit that “yes, one or two women may be inspired and preach the word of God, but they are by far in the minority.”

In jest I quoted Shakespeare at them – “I am ashamed that women are so simple … when they are bound to love, serve, and obey.”

Not only did they miss my jab, they agreed with Shakespeare, and suggested that the Bible offers “proof” to back-up Shakespeare’s statements. (No humor at all in this bunch.)

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.. I hate it when the Bible is quoted out of context. I answered by saying that any man would be an idiot if he ignores sound Biblical doctrine simply because it comes from a woman. And finally, I asked for their Bible verses that would support these statements.

Since the majority of people who go there are already biased in a specific direction, descent is a waste of time – certainly not encouraged. I received no Bible verses. Too bad. We have no basis for discussion. Instead, I was banned from making any more comments on this site. (In the context above, I used the word “idiot.” Apparently in the context above, I must have used the word better than I thought.)

Good-bye, LuLu. I will miss you. Julie, you were right.

The question remains – should women become ordained as Ministers and Pastors? I admit that I have an opinion here – a strong one.

On the other hand, I’m sincere in wanting to know how others feel about this, and why. What does the Bible tell you on this subject?




Anonymous said...

In Acts there are female teachers. I think they should be educated same as anyone else. WIth the shortage of men, it could be a trend.
What was I right about? Juls

Jack Bunny said...

You were right that some people who are strongly legalistic also tend to be less than eager to defend their beliefs.

Birdie said...

How sad for so many individuals to miss the heart of God that is so loving, sensative, nurturing and full of grace. It is their loss. I have never felt called to such a ministry (although I have been encouraged in that direction). Others have downright DIScouraged me to even lead worship on a Sunday morning because a man or an "elder's" wife should do that. Even though I had lead worship at the same church for all the women's gatherings for over 13 years. What's wrong with THIS picture. I DO believe that this mentality is NOT a Godly one and actually shows a spirit of bigotry and prejudice and I we all know where that comes from. But again, their loss!

dreamyhappiness said...

I just read about Deborah in Judges and I think its ok if women are pastors or whatever. Why not? God can speak through anyone.

Julie Morrison said...

I find it no small thing that Jesus revealed himself to the woman at the well before even his chosen disciples.
I think God may FAVOR women over men. In a movie I once watched about Hassidic Jews a woman investigator asks a Rabbi in training why the women are not allowed to take the years of training and education to be Rabbis. His answer stunned me.
"Because they already know."