Monday, August 25, 2008

Expose Yourself To Art

… with apologies to Julie Morrison.

Whenever I hear the term “Expose Yourself To Art,” I think of the above photograph. It was taken in or about the early 1980’s, and at the time I thought it was clever.

I would have likely forgotten the picure, but later I learned that the man in the photo was the mayor of Portland, Oregon, and he was promoting a local arts festival. (I admired his creative imagination. I admired his dedication. At the same time, I wondered if he was re-elected.)

Did the idea work? Ya might say so. 28 years later the poster is still being sold along with other festival promotional pictures.
So ... what does that tell you?

1 comment:

Julie Morrison said...

Even though the photo you posted wouldn't open for me, I remember it well. I think it is engrained on everyone who ever saw it. A wildly successful poster.
But, maybe a new generation will see it now!