Sunday, August 3, 2008


When he was 15 years old, Jack Bunny had his first professional theatre experience at a large outdoor summer stock theatre in Indiana. And for the next three summers he sang, danced, acted, and had the best time in his life at that theatre.

Then he moved away.

50 years later he was passing by that area, and decided to visit the place where his life had taken direction. To his absolute amazement, he discovered that the theatre was still there.

Many - MANY - happy hours had been spent on this stage.

Maybe you can go home again.


Julie Morrison said...

What great shots! WHat great memories! What a neat story.

dreamyhappiness said...

Wow its beautiful!
I think its great you got to go visit a place thats so special to you.

Jack Bunny said...

Yeah, it's still an inviting place, especially when you consider it has to be about 70 years old.