Tuesday, April 29, 2008


A friend sent me these. I thought they were quite nice.

Oh God are you listening?

I am crying, I am weeping, I am wailing
I am shouting, I am screaming, I am yelling
I am speaking, I am talking, I am telling
I am thinking, I am planning, I am organizing
Yes God I will listen
Oh God now I am listening

God, will you walk with me today?
Yes, God I will walk with you today.
God I need you at the start of my day.
God too many times I have had to come to you at the end of the day to ask you to bless my mess.

But God I want, I need, and I hurt.
I need it now oh Lord
Please check your clock
I need it now
Tomorrow is too far away
I need it now
This afternoon is too long a time to wait
I need it now
Oh God when I remember
Your answers
Your love
Your care
Your creases
Your gifts
Of the past
I have need for nothing more

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wailing? or whaling?