Saturday, April 26, 2008

Higgamus, hoggamus, woman's monogamous. Hoggamus higgamus, man is polygamous.

So … I wasn’t gonna get into this. I just wanted to lay out the “due process” scenario – that I felt was being grossly ignored. Lay it out there with the hope that someone would agree with me. That was the plan.

But you kept asking really good questions.

So here we are, back with “Scary Texas Polygamous Mormons, Part Two.” (Note to Julie: Is there a movie in here somewhere? A “B” movie, at least? Straight to DVD? Cable?)

Anyway. Let’s get one thing straight. The other day I was passing by a heated conversation and heard a man say, ”See? That’s why Mitt Romney should never be president. He’s one of THEM.”


Excuse me, oh great stupid mouth, weren’t you paying attention? Regardless of how you regard their religion, the Mormons outlawed polygamy a hundred years ago. This Texas bunch SPLIT from the Mormons, and are no longer card carrying members. Got that? They call themselves Mormons, but in certain and less than subtle ways they are not – not not not a part of the bunch who come around to thump on your door. I mention this only because I know an honest-to-goodness Mormon family. I have found them to be honest, generous, and certainly trying hard to live by a higher moral standard than I have. Since my nature is to be contrary, I bring up the subject of polygamy at every opportunity … and they still continue to invite me over to their house.

Meanwhile, back in Texas …

Here’s a brief re-cap of the allegations that disgust many, and apparently appeal to the prurient interests of others. A supposed polygamous sect in Texas is invaded by government authorities, and 450 children are removed. 23 mothers are included because they are age 17 or younger. 6 adult mothers are removed to “battered women” shelters, and the remaining 47 adult mothers return to the FLDS sect complex. It is ALLEDGED that the majority of the children are girls, destined to be willing or unwilling participants in polygamous marriages anytime after they reach the age of 13. It is ALLEDGED that the majority of boys are encouraged/forced to leave the sect at an early age, theoretically so they will not be in competition with their fathers for the available females. (And now you know why I refuse to judge them. If these allegations prove to be true, then these people are revolting well beyond my ability to understand or forgive. Here abide monsters.)

In addition, there are a few observations to be made. In a tour of the complex, it was revealed that the children live in a communal relationship – all together. Where are the parents? Further, all the commentary on the part of sect members has been given by women. Where are the men?

Now. From comments I’ve received, it appears obvious that we, as observers, fall into two camps.

One side says that these women are purely evil. How could anyone – especially mothers – allow such outrageous acts to be perpetrated on their own children?

What makes them different from the World War II female concentration camp guards?

Yet their grief is real.

So could this ultimately be the real victim here?

The children are gone. That’s a fact. But – let’s face it – they are easy to replace.

Is the government planning a raid every ten to twelve years?

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