Friday, April 11, 2008

Help ...

How Did They Find Me?

It’s scary. A little bit. I received a letter today from my High School Alumni Association, inviting me to a class reunion. A big reunion. High School.

My first reaction was – how did these people find me? I’ve outdistanced two colleges, a handful of trade and specialty schools, and – ya know? I like it that way. No junk mail. No urgings to continue education or requests for money. Since John Kennedy was president, I’ve moved a whole bunch of times, and I don’t recall ever contacting any past school – ever – and saying, “here I am. Come get me.”

So I received this letter today from one of my classmates.


No no. That was the draft board. And it wasn’t today.

The letter today was from Nancy E. I remember her as being slight, cute, and popular within a somewhat tight circle. Her invitation was warmly persuasive, and contained more words than we had exchanged in the entire four years spent in class together. This failing at the time was certainly not her fault. It was mine. At the age of 14, I started performing in semi-professional theatre, missed most of my high school activities, and quickly grew to have virtually nothing in common with my classmates.

So why on earth do they want to make friends now?

I avoided going to reunions when I was first out of school. Several of my friends died in Vietnam. I didn’t need reminders. Still don’t.

The letter mentioned two new education buildings named for teachers I knew. Given enough time, it’s amazing how individuals can become so much larger than life. One of the teachers I liked. I would pay money for a statue to be erected in memory of the 2nd teacher. I would insist that this statue be prominently displayed in an area frequented by pigeons – lots and lots and lots of pigeons.

So here’s my question. Should I go? If I decline the invitation, it’s not like I’m avoiding anything traumatic or even important in my life. It’s High School. At the same time, I admit to being apprehensive. Does that mean something? Anything?

Anybody have an opinion or experience to contribute here? I’d appreciate it.

And how was your day?



Julie Morrison said...

I saw your post pop up while I was feeding your duck Herman. I wanted to see if the food supply has a limit 56 guess not. Heck, go have a great time. glean material. Find out what happened to the old hippies. We may need the material for the script we're writing...wink wink. Ya never know. Is this in Cali?

Julie Morrison said...

See who you can find with It willblow your mind. I found a few celebs and authors....if your name is unique (and it is) it wouldn't be too difficult. Don't rule out the grapevine. Hard ot sayif you got PI's in your class, cops, agents or....

Nicki said...

The same thing happens when someone friends you on Facebook and I'm like "seriously? I didn't know you in high school and what I did know, I didn't like. No." *click* Arg, modern times.

Lutheran Lucciola said...

I probably wouldn't go, but instead get in touch with a few individuals I do want to catch up with.

I wasn't friends with too many in school, and most of the kids were Cosa Nostra wannabe's, (and a few real ones). I skipped all my reunions, including my recent 20th one....