Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Panic Attack.

I know. It's been days since we've talked.

I'm feeling pressed. Several things happening at the same time.

Someone asked me today if I am retiring. From what? What does that mean?

In a few days Julie and I will again start writing for Script Frenzy - during the month of April we will write 100 pages in 30 days. A piece of cake. Last year we finished several days ahead of schedule. It was fun. creative, and we ended with something we're still working on.

Thursday I'm being interviewed in a town twenty miles away. I'm applying to direct a play at a theatre twenty miles in another direction. I'm not even sure I absolutely want this job. Why am I doing this?

I have two plays I'm writing that are near to completion. I look at them often - almost every day. I know the words - I have the words in my mind, but for some reason I can't/won't put them on paper. Why is that?

Here's a good one. I've been hired to direct a production of Richard III in November. Are these people out of their minds?! I'm a drop-your-pants kind of director. So far I haven't found much of that in Richard III. help .....

A friend emailed me because gossip built a wall between us. I was depressed. I thought I knew him better. I thought he knew me better. I emailed him back. I feel better. I hope he does, too. Why do people do these things? Is life really that jaded?

Last year I accepted a board position with a local drama school. I don't know why, but now, all of a sudden, these people actually expect me to DO something. I don't remember reading anything like that in the by-laws.

The theatre website for which I write hasn't contacted me in about a week. Relief. On the other hand, they haven't contacted me in a WEEK! What are they telling me?
So if you need to reach me, I'll be under the bed. Leave a message. Unless a gypsy caravan comes thru, in which case I'm outta here. I've always wanted to visit Volgagrad.

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