Thursday, March 25, 2010

Congress and the Senate

To: The Congress and Senate of these United States
From: One really irritated rabbit


When I was in school, I was taught that it was rude to interrupt when someone else was speaking. When I was in business, if someone disrupted a meeting (which, by the way, never happened) that person would be asked to leave. Why, as a congressman or Senator, do you think it’s appropriate to scream out an inane comment when another public figure is speaking? Do you honestly think I appreciate this display of immaturity representing me? Do you think an insincere apology will mollify me? Sir or madam, it will not. I want you gone – out of here. I want your head shaved and painted orange. I want you stripped naked, and paraded out of town in the middle of winter while clinging by your fingernails to the top of a forty-foot tar covered telephone pole. And it’s not for you that I want this. You are history. Rather, I want the imbecile who replaces you to go into the job fully educated.

I don’t want one party to vote a hundred percent for a bill where the other party votes a hundred percent against it. And if a bill is voted into law, I don’t want to hear – that very day, that you are going to work to have it repealed at the first opportunity. Excuse me for asking, but … if you are so dissatisfied with this bill that you brag that you had nothing to do with it’s creation … my question is, why didn’t you? What am I paying you for? What are you doing up there? I think I’ve had enough. Clean out your desks and go. No hurry. Take all morning if you must.

What started my tirade? Today I heard a man casually comment that he’d like to see someone “take a gun an’ shoot the President an’ all them damn democrats.” True story.

Shocked (and more than a little naive), I asked the man why he wanted all these people murdered.

“Because of the - - health reform law,” he grumbled.

I thought about that. “Isn’t killing people over a health bill something of an oxymoron,” I asked.

The man bristled, sure that I was belittling him. He left, the anger more obvious than it was before he forced conversation upon me.

I wondered if he was encouraged by all the pompous rhetoric you have been spouting over the past weeks and months? I wonder if he will find justification in some form of violent action by following your leadership.?

And if someone is killed, I wonder if you can be tried as an accomplice or instigator? Boy, I hope so.

And so, whatever your motivations are, I want you to be aware of the following:

(1) YOU NO LONGER REPRESENT ME! I release you from your claimed obligations. You are, in fact, a source of great personal embarrassment.

(2) You have lost my vote. Not only have you lost my vote in the upcoming elections, but I’m going to see if I can take back my vote from the last several times you ran for office.

(3) It takes a lot – it really does, but you do NOT have the approval of a rabbit!



Julie M said...

Ditto that!!!
If government were run like missions, we'd have a helluva lot fewer people in office, but the ones who were there would be doing more good.

Views from Malmesbury said...

Hear, hear. Cold comfort to know you guys feel the same way about your politicians as so many of us do in the UK about ours. I look forward to reading more of your views.