Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Health Care Reform

I never intended to write a “this is where I stand” series. As most of you know, I love to pose questions that will evoke responses, but I make at least a token effort to keep my own opinions private. I’ve often commented – lamented – that a writer is more an observer than a participant in life.

However. The present political situation in this country, the decidedly unprofessional attitudes of many of our leaders, and the resulting unreasoned anger by citizens in general, have made me realize that to encourage debate without making my own position known, is not disinterested reporting, it’s avoiding confrontation.

So I’ve decided to level the playing field; this is how I feel, and why. Based on that, I invite your response. No more high altitude bombing. (I know I’m hitting something, I’m just not sure what.)

For the past year, I’ve watch the antics of congress and the senate with both growing interest and apprehension. In many instances the two major political powers flatly have refused to work with each other. Vaguely I can remember this happening one or more times in the past. During these time periods no viable business of the government was conducted. At the time there was a standing joke that this inaction may not have been a bad thing at all.

In this case, however, a purposeful antagonism seems to have abraded the distance between the democrats and the republicans. I’ve seen far more name calling and finger pointing than I expect from elected officials. Hate is an effective recruiting tool, but is almost always not satisfied until a violent action accompanies it.

Now you have my viewpoint on our present congress and senate. Their disrespect for each other doesn’t even come close to my disappointment in them as a whole.

With that as background, then, here are my observations of the progress of the present health care reform bill.

I remember when the bill was bring drafted, the President went on TV and said (paraphrased) “Here it is. If anybody has a better idea, let me know.” I don’t recall anybody stepping forward. Up to and including the time when the bill was made into law, there was STILL no better plan offered, just the demand to scrap everything and start over.

Those in favor of the law will explain in detail why it will work. Those opposed will explain (in my case with a condescending tone of voice) why it won’t work. The truth is, since none of this has been put into effect yet, nobody actually knows how it will work. Seems to me that the prudent course of action would be to observe something happening before praising or condemning it.

There seems to be a great amount of talk about “starting over.” Why? Admittedly, the work is not perfect. What’s wrong with fixing the problem areas instead of simply dropping everything? This law will provide millions of people with health insurance. Having given it to them, can you honestly face them and say you are now taking it away? What truly offends me are the people who are working so hard to withdraw the insurance have no fears of losing their own.




Anonymous said...

Hello, just catching up here.
I happen to be one of those uninsured voters. We opted out of the work plan bcz it was so expensive. I'm not pleased with the government plan since it will continue to be expensive (yes, I have looked at the data) and I won't be able to opt out.

I spent time contacting my representatives and offering my ideas. The republican candidates had several ideas that they were promoting, the democratic representatives blew me off. I literally had to tell one woman on the phone to at least note that I called with a wish to have it voted against. This whole thing has been filled with crazy. I don't join either party since the crazy usually cuts both ways, but understand, I am who the government is supposedly helping, and they are quite disinterested in my opinion.
Sorry, I realize I'm rather peeved.

If the system ends up working better than it seems, great. Right now, I see another trillion that I will be paying and my son will be paying.

Views from Malmesbury said...

Well done, In Xanadu, you've stirred people into thinking and speaking out. That I enjoy your style of writing is a bonus. I agree, something is better than nothing and is a basis for improvement. I've no idea what the actual proposals are but I hope they work following the inevitable shakedown period. I just hope the right people are in on the improvemtn decisions. I shall look forward to the times in future when you say something you feel just must be said. In the meantime I think I'll spend a little time looking at some of your other types of posts.

Q said...

Hey, I'm Canadian--born and raised. I still don't understand why having healthcare is such a contentious issue down there. How can it be anything other than a good thing? Mind you, I'm rather a leftist even in Canada, and I am offended by our government, who seems to be emulating Thatcher and Regan....

On another note completely, Happy Easter Jack Bunny!!! Now, let's get back to our project, shall we?