Friday, May 23, 2008

Running For Office

No, I'm not using this space to promote one potential president over another. But I think there are single pictures that define a candidate. For example:

Everyone assumed Dewey would beat Truman. So much so, that some newspapers were printed in advance.

When Gary Hart ran for president, he dared the press to get him. This photo with Donna Rice did it.

Michael Dukakis thought this picture would help him. It was memorable, alright. It ended his career.

And then there is this picture. In the foreground is Barack Obama, standing in front of 75,000 people on May 18, 2008, in Portland, Oregon. Win or lose, my thought is that this picture will ultimately define the campaign.


Julie Morrison said...

What I like about this particular running mate, isn't his speeches or politics or even his beliefs. I like that black and white people are standing together. It speaks to me that maybe we've all been very weary of the racial conflicts so often talked about. I hope it leads to something great.

Anonymous said...

I love photo commentaries.
Very nicely done.
I enjoyed it. Even though I didn't know about 3/4 of the things you talked about.
I loved the Micheal Dukakis one best. Haha.