Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A visit to the dam

     I was surprised to learn there exists a dam a short distance from where I live. Now I realize a visit to a modest dam is not a monumental adventure, but I had a good time, took pictures, and feel like sharing.

     Here is one side, looking along a natural valley. If you have a vivid imagination, it's easy to see that the water was much higher a few thousand years ago.

     This is looking down at one side of the dam. (In case I didn't mention it before, looking down from a height of more than a few feet is not one of my favorite things to do ...)

     I am much happier with the view looking up.

     And here is the view on the other side. Oddly enough, I have sailed on this body of water, but never got close enough to this dam to pay it more than scant attention.

     A fun Sunday afternoon.


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phinz said...

It's kinda cool, the things we find in our own backyards.