Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finishing Touches

     The bad thing about moviing into new digs is, well, moving ...

     The good thing is the discovery of new and wonderful things you can do and/or aquire ...

... like a new desk. Or should I say, a really OLD desk - in fact, a 1930's art deco sewing machine cabinet.

      This treasure was in the window of a second-hand store. It cried out to me - "Take me," it cried.

     And I did. I most certainly did. (After paying for it, of course.)

     Being an animal lover, I was pleased when Mother and Son were finally reunited ...

And King Kong finally got his umbrella. Isn't it always a good thing when you can make a gorilla happy?

And the bushes are growing well, despite the indirect lighting. I haven't the heart to tell them they are plastic. Maybe next week ..

     And finally there is chair. Isn't it a wonderful thing when your most favorite piece of artwork in the whole world actually sits in one corner of your living room?

     I live in a happy house.



phinz said...

Love ALL your posts! And I love an eclectic decorating theme!

Views from Malmesbury said...

Stressful things moves, but you're right, they're lots of fine when you're finally in! The desk looks great and I love the telephone booth dvd holder.