Saturday, July 16, 2011


     The funeral went well. (And you may certainly interpret that comment to mean any funeral that is now behind you, has gone well.) I lost count of the number of cards and emails I received. I invited five dear people to support (protect) me, and straight out lie for me if I did something more inane or inappropriate than usual. In addition, well over a hundred of my theatre friends attended the funeral. I have not received any complaints about silverware missing, but I don’t recall much in the way of silverware being there in the first place. Looking back, I was – and still am – beyond expressing how I feel. Absolutely … I am a very private person. This outpouring of love falls well beyond my experience, so I have little with which to compare it (and, unusual for me, utterly at a loss for words.)

     I love my daughter, miss her already. But she would be the first to remind me that this funeral business is morbid at best, and then scold me (with one of those looks) if I thought of her any way other than the way we always were together – at ease to speak or not, because we understood each other in a way that didn’t need words. And she would remind me that we will meet again, be together again soon enough.

So when I think of her, she is always smiling, so I smile as well.



Views from Malmesbury said...

I'm so sorry.

Julie M said...

I side with Fay. You will be there soon enough. Look at it this way, when ever you get there (hopefully for those of us who love you, a long time from now) she will be there to open the door and introduce you around. waras

Danielle Mari said...

What a beauty! So sorry to hear what you've gone through, you and your family. No parent should ever have to. Sounds as though you have a special relationship with her. (I believe that the relationship goes on..)

Much love and peace to you and yours.