Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Call.

For those who may have wandered into this saga late, INHERIT THE WIND officially opened this past weekend. The house was slightly more than seventy per cent filled (and for Halloween, this was wonderful. What producer in his or her right mind would open a play on HALLOWEEN?!)

Here’s the cast as they appeared during one of the later rehearsals. Notice few are in costume. With thirty-four people in the cast, the only times we got everybody together on the stage was for performances. Oh well …

Here’s the setting as it was appeared on opening night. In a few places the paint is still wet.

It is my hope that, sometime before we close this thing, I might actually take pictures of all the performers TOGETHER, IN COSTUME, ON THE STAGE!

(Insert heavy breathing here.)

I mean, is that too much to ask?

On the other hand, here's the important part - the show went well, and was received with favorable reviews and glowing individual comments. Since the lead performers are highly respected throughout the state, I anticipate that we will have a most profitable run in every sense of the word.


And how was your day?

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