Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ho-hum. A dull day. Nothing special - not even worth your bother.

Sh-h-h-h ....

We're having a conspiracy, you and I. Don't tell anyone.

You see, it's not a dull day at all. It's a wonderful day. A special friend of mine is having a birthday in a little over a week. It would be a great good thing if you would drop her a line and wish her a happy birthday. Her name is Q, and her blog is

Q lives in Canada and writes in actual English. (That's a little unsettling.) She loves Dorothy Parker and Edith Piaf. She is a gifted short story writer and a dark poet.

So drop her a line if you get a minute, and wish her a happy birthday. I know she'd appreciate it - and so would I. But don't tell her I told you. Our secret. (That's why my subject line is misleading. She lists it on her blog.)

Heh heh heh. Maybe she will have no clue what's happening ...

Yeah. Right.


And how was your day?

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