Friday, December 5, 2008

Art Deco, In case you've wondered..

Art Deco. I like that. It's my favorite art style. I also like Art Nuevo, which is only one generation away.

(And before you climb all over me, yes, I like most art styles. There's something in almost all I've seen that appeals to me on some level.)

But I like Art Deco the best. There's a flow and a grace about it. There's an "in your face" whimsy. And you see it everywhere.

Buildings ...

And even what we consider classical art, such as Egyptian, becomes this ...

But best of all are the wondrous creations that once adorned lawns ...

... and homes ...

This is likely one of the most recognized Art Deco styles. Incorporated into structures, it defined a generation.

In the home, this would have been both typical and classic.

And so would this. Sadly, the only place
you find these today are in yard sales.

But this one is my favorite. It graces my living room. It warms me with personality every time I look at it. I wish I had fifty more just like it ... (and perhaps a slightly larger living room.)
And how was your day?


Julie Morrison said...

It is crystal clear that you have exquisite taste in art!

Jack Bunny said...

YesI do. I'm blessed.