Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Words

Because of the vast number of request I’ve received, here are the translations of more Fargoeese words that you are forced to copy in blog comment boxes.

LIDEON, MEXILIDEON, and FRIGEON. These are musical terms – actually modes of music.

LIDEON is by far the most popular (hence the song, “I’m In The Mode For Love.”)

MEXILIDEON only applies if the performer has consumed copious amounts of tequila
before performing, and can still somehow remember which end of the horn to blow

FRIGEON is a music mode, but can also apply to the performer if he or she is
basically anti-social.

FRIGEON also can apply to any region of North America where ice can be found naturally in mid summer. It is possible to say, therefore, that “a Frigeon may be playing frigeon in the Frigeon.” (Unless, of course, the person is playing “in the gloaming,” in which case he or she would likely be wearing a skirt, standing in a field of clover, and blowing on a bagpipe.)

A bagpipe always reminds me of someone holding a cat under one arm, with the cat’s tail in his or her mouth … and biting on it.

But that’s just my opinion.

LAPLANDER. This is a close friend or relative that you haven’t seen for at least a year. (Unless, of course, this person is actually an anti social musician from Lapland, in which case he or she would be – ta da … Frigeon!

(And you thought high school Latin was rough!)

And finally, there are those individuals who look at us, shake their heads, and wonder how we managed to survive for the past roughly two hundred years or so. These people are called CANADIANS.


And how was your day?

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Julie Morrison said...

YAy! I think I need to see the movie Fargo and find out how much of this is total unmitigated leg-pulling! Hilarious none the less.