Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In a Paul Simon mood ...

It's evening.

I've comfortably on my sofa, listening to a new song by Paul Simon.

The song is mellow and relaxed. This is a good thing, because at the moment I feel mellow and relaxed.

I've been a fan of Paul Simon ever since he released his Graceland album. I liked the Graceland Album, and the copy I have looks just like this one.

I also like Carly Simon, but that's another story altogether.


And how was your day?


Birdie said...

Love them both....and James Taylor. (mmmmmm, it's good music!)

Julie Morrison said...

I had a cat named Simon. He outlived two cats, a brother and a female and two dogs. He's mean and lives on a farm now with 14other cats.
That's my Simon contribution.