Friday, December 28, 2012

The season

      Yeah, I know, it's silly. It's that kind of day, and I'm on my second glass of a very pleasant wine.

     Sorry I haven’t posted sooner. I’ve been busy.

     On January 13 and 14 I will be holding auditions for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, which I am directing, with performance dates in March.

      On January 17, a play I wrote, ROUGH DRAFT, will be opening at another (and competing) theatre in town.

     … oops …

    “They” expect me to be in both theatres on the same days. Amazingly, I think I can do it.

     Honestly, I don’t plan for things to work out this way, but they do, on a regular basis. Welcome to my world.

     I hope you had a blessed Christmas, and will have a most happy New Year. We had a foot of snow just in time for Christmas.



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Views from Malmesbury said...

I love silly! Good to hear from you again. Happy New Year to you.