Sunday, September 11, 2011


     I am presently working as a production advisor to a nearby theatre group now in rehearsal for a December production of ANNIE.

     (And just where did that come from?!)

     The director had called me to borrow the bunks used in OF MICE AND MEN. I was flattered, told her they belonged to the theatre that had produced the show, and thought that would be the end of the matter.

     It wasn’t. She called again, this time with questions. Over the next few days we talked often and at some length. Since I had directed ANNIE (twice), it pleased me to point out a few land mines written into the show.

     She offered me a position with the company. I declined. She offered again. I told her that, having directed this epic with thousands of smelly children and a dog, I would rather die than be involved with yet another production.

     Call me Lazarus.

     The first actual rehearsal was today. I had to admit I was impressed – the major roles have been cast with seriously talented people. On the other hand, surrounding them were the two dozen or so “orphans” and the equal number of stage mothers (who could have given Hitler lessons in aggression).

     Suddenly I remembered why I hated this show with a passion. Too late.

     Oh well. The cookies are free and I get along great with the dog. 



Julie M said...

I think it was Sean Connery who said never again would he play James Bond. The title of the Bond flick he played in after that, was Never Say Never Again.
For me Never means about 9 years. I have learned to remove that word from my vocabulary as it seems to put a target on my back and bend the laws of the Universe until the "nevered" vow manifests.
I have learned a new trick though.
"I will never win the complete Powerball Jackpot." check back with me in 9 years.

phinz said...

Free cookies, huh? In that case . . .