Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interesting Times

I’ve been around for awhile. I’ve seen this country change and change again. Some of it has been pretty good. We seem to be innovative to the point where it’s mind boggling. On the other hand, some of our directions and aspirations have been something less than admirable. (Why the Canadians speak to us at all has always been a mystery to me.)

During my lifetime a bunch of Presidents have come and gone. Some of ‘em were pretty good. Some of ‘em were just pretty. I’ve personally seen three, interviewed two.

I’m actually happy with the guy running the country at the moment. He’s not perfect – I think it would bother me if he was. But he still seems to be smarter than I am, and that’s why I voted for him in the first place.

Here’s an observation, then. I don’t think – in my entire life – I’ve ever seen so many disasters (man made and otherwise) fall over each other without a break as much as they have during the present administration. I saw a picture of the President today, and his hair is turning white. It’s not the first time, either. Other presidents have aged greatly during their time in office.

All this is leading to a question, rhetorical perhaps. Why would a smart person want the job? Think about it before answering. It’s a trick question.



Kaleidoscope said...

I'm going to take a stab at this challenge, not so much because I think I have the answer, but more because I haven't posted to your blog in so long. You said this is ("perhaps") a rhetorical question, which I believe implies there is no answer or that the answer is obvious. Then you say it's a trick question. Why would I want to answer a trick question? If I don't "get it," I could look foolish. Not one of my favorite images of myself. I will just say that a smart person might want the job for his (or her, of course) own reasons, related mostly (this is only a guess) to the allure of power. A wise person (in my opinion) would not want this job. No. Would not want it at all. I'm not saying our current President is not wise. Or maybe I am. At the very least, I'll bet he's wiser than he was when he originally wanted the job. And I'm happy with the guy too; yup, I voted for him. Disclaimer: Understand that this answer (smart vs wise) comes from an admittedly a-political person. Did I get it right? Is there a prize?
Nancy G.

from the royal fortress meadow said...

I once was asked a similar question and I told my friend that I would make a very good president but that it would take at least as many years of counseling to deal with the stress and ambiguous but significant issues that any president must face-- I think I'll stick with parenting and writing.
But, you once mentioned the White House kitchens and the pension plan and that you might run for that reason-- I'm still willing to be your running mate.