Saturday, April 17, 2010

Script Frenzy, day 17

The object of the contest is to write a 100 page story in 30 days.

Julie Morrison and I are now at 60 pages, working at it with some but not great effort. Most of the time we have been ahead of the daily page number goals set by Script Frenzy.

We started with no plot nor outline. Simply, one of us would write a page or two, and then the other person would add to it, building a story as we go along. 

What started as a romantic ghost story has turned toward searing drama. Once again I, with the perception and sensitivity of a sea snail, am w-a-y-y-y out of my depth.



Julie M said...

Don't let him fool you. He's getting ready to throw me under the bus somehow, or toss me into a pit that he thinks I can't climb out of.
And even though I am determined to emerge, road burned or covered with dirt, it won't change the fact that he's really good it.

Anonymous said...

So... the usual.

Jack Bunny said...

You really are kind.

Yup, pretty much.