Wednesday, December 30, 2009

That's What Friends Are For

Okay. Here's the story - listen up.

(Listen up? Listen up?! Where did that come from?)

Anyway ...

I needed some decor for a play some years ago. Was driving down the street when I saw this tacky clock in a bucket of junk at a yard sale. The guy wanted fifty cents and couldn't look me in the eye when I bought it.

After the play closed, my best friend in the world admired the clock, and for years it hung in his living room, daring somebody to say something.

Eventually the thing moved to my den. I've looked at it for several years now. I'm accustomed to seeing it. It scares me. I think I might be starting to like it.

Okay, here's where you come in.

I'd like to restore it to it's original tacky glory. I think it is supposed to have columns on the sides - holes are there. And on the top a broken cherub once perched. But I can find NO information anywhere. I need somebody to tell me what I need and possibly where to get it.

Other than burying the thing in the back yard, does anybody have any experience with this sort of thing?



Julie M said...

There's a clock repair shop in the back of our office. Maybe they can help you. They just opened in December but have offices elsewhere. I think they specialize in antique clocks.
How did you know I've been meaning to tell you about them?

Nicki said...

Sounds like you need a killer prop person who can match the tackiness with a minimum of fuss.

Are there any maker's marks on the thing btw? That seems like the kind of clock that would turn up on Antiques Roadshow and be worth thousands of dollars. If there's anything distinguishing on the back it might be worth investigating to see if it's a collectors piece or summat.

happy new year!