Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HARVEY - the set

Here's the set for the play. Walls are as yet unpainted.

I like spending time on a set under construction. It's like being in a Maxfield Parrish painting while the artist is working on it. There is unreleased energy here.

Shadows also abound here - future shadows. I can feel them, waiting. waiting for the actors to play their parts, to justify the shadows very existence. "Stand here," the shadows demand, "and here and here and here."

And the actors, eager to please, do as the future shadows instruct.

And there is peace, harmony, contentment, a sense of completion.

I like that.

Our play hasn't opened yet, and the theatre has already announced the audition dates for the play that will follow us.

In its own way, that also is comforting.


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lorie said...

That's funny--I always enjoyed that, as well. There was this sense of the space "becoming," just as we were "becoming" as well. (I liked to help the set crew, too--perhaps that was part of the charm. I was a part of bringing it to be.)

Sure miss it.