Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Whatever happened to communicating?

Blame the phlegmatics. (That's a temperament, not the country south of Sweden.)

They invented movies so they wouldn't have to go to a play. They invented TV so they wouldn't have to go to the movies.

They invented blogging, which is a form of journaling. (Journaling is a form of autobiographical rambling which is of interest to no one, and blogging allows this egomaniac drivel to be shared with the world.)

And I was okay with that. (Blogging is "Art." Okay?)

So ... I am now on facebook. I didn't want to be. I didn't plan to be. However, since the majority of my friends are actors (and that should tell you something.) and actors love to talk about themselves, if I wish to occasionally wade in the shallow end of the gene pool, Facebook is the perfect place to go.

All this I mostly understand. All this is a form of communicating without being forced to actually talk to anybody.

Now we get to the part I don't understand.

I don't like cell phones. People stand beside me and talk to relatives they don't talk to when they are together.

And now they are sending text messages on their phones. Excuse me, doesn't this defeat the purpose of a telephone in the first place? I'm really confused here.

What's next?

I long for the old days, when everything was simple. I'm ready, Scotty, you can beam me up anytime you want.




Nicki said...

The thing that irritates me about cellphones is, if you don't call to "confirm" something, people think you've driven off a cliff. Like, if you make plans to go out to dinner tomorrow, at five, but then you don't call at four-thirty and say "we still on?" you're irresponsible. Or people who will sit in the parking lot and call you to check if you're home. Yes, I am. Why don't you just come up and ring the button? No, I really don't care if you catch me when the house is a mess and my hair is up in curlers--I'm just glad to see you.

Julie M said...

Hello? Is this thing on?