Saturday, May 9, 2009

Now Here's A Good One ...

So I got this little notice on my computer - "Upgrade your security system," followed by the magic word "free."

So naturally I did. Free is good. Cookies are better, but free is still good.

So I upgraded. In the process, some interesting buttons appeared on my computer.

One of them was a map of my house. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the button. Sure enough, there was my house. Beside it, a car I no longer own, and in the back yard I saw - me! No extra charge. I always wondered what the top of my head looked like.

Another button said "suggested sites," indicating places I'd like to go. One was my mail, another was a free dictionary site (excuse me, aren't they all free?), and the last was the very site you're reading at the moment. I must admit I was disappointed with this button. At the top of "places I'd like to go" should have been the beach on Pango-Pango, and it didn't even make the top five!

The last button was/is by far the most interesting. It's labeled "Answers." With trembling fingers I touched this magic button. Imagine - answers!

And there they were;

(1) Yes.
(2) 3.14159265358979323846
(3) LaOtto Indiana
(4) Fish breath
(5) To get to the other side.

Uh-huh. Gotta be some kind of code. I mean, if answers were for just ANYBODY, then ... then ... well, you know ... everybody would have ... answers ... and where would we be then?

I'll get back to you later on this - after my sudden headache goes away ...

There's one more button. It says "Add more buttons."

Should I?


And how was your day?


Anonymous said...

I must admit, the answers section is tempting me to write questions.... like 3) where does the most statistically average person in the world live?

And then I start to go to the bad place, so maybe I'd better not.

P.S.--Are the buttons all red and shiny? I like shiny buttons...heh, heh, heh...

NG said...

I say go for it! The more buttons the better. Maybe by adding more buttons, one gets more answers. And we all need more answers. But what are the questions? I'm curious like KP, whose suggestion for Question #3 matches her sense of humor. NG

Julie M said...

Where did you go!?

Julie M said...

Where did you go!?