Sunday, April 26, 2009

A friend.

You know me. I like sophisticated comedy, crisp repartee, very subtle sarcasm as observations of life. In general, my friends are obviously quiet, smart, intuitive, and inwardly creative – writers, artists, and technicians.

So why do I like this guy? Don Roberts – an actor! We’ve been friends for years, and he absolutely doesn’t fit in anything you’d even remotely catalogue as a “friends’” box. (Or at least I wouldn’t.)

So what is it about the guy? He’s smart, certainly. On stage he’s outrageous, off stage quite shy – a living paradox.

And he makes me smile. Maybe that’s it. Take – for example – this picture of Don taken one morning while he was still in his pajamas ...


And how was your day?

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Julie Morrison said...

What I like about your collection of people is that they remind me of a bouquet of wildflowers. Everyone contributes his own fragrance to the whole, but it is a unique blend that blesses you. I think it's great. More people should stop and smell the flowers....