Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking Back. Looking Forth. Looking Around.

Another year is over.

Traditionally some people list events of the past year that left an impression on them. This list will usually take the form of a (painfully) handwritten page of information, and sent to people who already know most of it anyway.

Another year has begun. (At least it has begun where I live. If you are living somewhen else, please wait awhile before reading this.)

For the new year some people vow resolutions that are usually born in the passion of the moment and likely as quickly and easily ignored and/or forgotten.

Some people will go out of their way to bore you with both efforts. Normally I avoid these people if I can. This year I am one.

So I caught you unaware. Whoever said life was fair? I didn’t.

A couple of things happened to me in 2008 that I thought were interesting, and here they are (in no particular order):

For the first time in twenty years the man I voted for (to be president) actually won! But it’s my own business who that is.

My dog died. Every day I miss him.

My retirement fund lost $60, 000. I told my daughter I was going to move in with her. She moved to Atlanta. (Okay, so it was over a year ago. She was taking no chances.)

I have a friend who lives in Canada. (Although I have noticed she hasn’t invited me to lunch yet.)

In 2008 I acquired a literary agent. He lives in England, with offices in Portland Oregon. It occurs to me that he commutes a long way to work, but it’s really none of my business.

In 2008 I got a new sofa and a ceramic chair. I love both, but I only sit on the sofa.

In this past year, I became closer to people I truly care about. One is a gifted screenwriter, the other is a divorce lawyer. We have interesting conversations.

In 2008 I was given a digital camera. This is the greatest invention since sliced bread.

A man emailed me from somewhere in Europe. He designs and manufactures teapots, and sent me pictures of them. My life is now complete.

And so, in the year 2009, it is my great resolve to:

Wear shoes occasionally. I wear moccasins everywhere and in all seasons. And they really aren’t all that comfortable when you are stomping grapes.

Wear glasses when I am driving, reading, or when there’s something I might actually want to see.

Constantly remind my friends that I appreciate them. They care about me, and they don't even have to. (Warm fuzzies …)

Take life more seriously.

Take life less seriously.

Live life.

Write stuff. Write more stuff.

Write something that might actually make a difference to somebody about something.

… and that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?


And how was your year?

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Julie Morrison said...

Cheers to another great year! I can't wait to see how you top this... You rock!