Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In Case You Think I Died ...

I didn't.

But my computer did.

Or at least it's in a coma, and at the computer hospital.

I'm told it will recover.


Right now I'm at the library, and the ten-year-old kid beside me is typing 50 times faster than I am. I am planning on doing one of two things:

(1) I'm never again going where anybody will ever see me type again,


(2) wait for that kid in the parking lot.

(I favor the second idea. I'm bigger than he is.

In any case, I'll be back in a few more days. (I'm goin' buggy doin' nothin'. I MISS YOU!



Birdie said...

I was seriously concerned. So glad it was just a computer malfunction and NOT a Jack malfunction. Hope your back in full swing soon.

Nicki said...

Miss you too, Jack!