Friday, January 25, 2008

People Are So Interesting - Part One. People and Angels

I feel like starting a series. I mean, I’ve visited enough blogs to realize that themes occur from time to time. So I’m starting a series, ramblings mostly, but comments based on observations. And I’m gonna call the series “People are so interesting,” which is a good thing to call the series, because it’s gonna be about things I find interesting in people. And I’m not going to give a part of the series every time we talk. But I will do it frequently, because I think people are terribly interesting. (I think you've figured that part out, haven't you.)

So this is part one – people and angels.

Some reactions when people meet angels seem to be common in just about everybody.

For example, everybody seems to be afraid of angels. Don’t believe me? Look in the Bible. What’s the first thing an angel says to a human?

“Don’t be afraid.”

This first response by an angel appears to be pretty standard. In the Bible it appears enough times that I suspect an angel is prepared:

“Don’t be afraid.” (This is likely followed by a sigh and a head shake – but I don’t know that for sure.)

Now here’s the interesting part. The Bible doesn’t list what people actually say when they first meet an angel. What prompts the “don’t be afraid” answer?

Delicately, I would suggest that the first thing a human might say when confronting a genuine angel would be:


Why is that, do you suppose? Don’t you think that’s interesting?


Lutheran Lucciola said...

I noticed the angel scare thing also. But think they aren't so much scary looking, as powerful. Large, other-worldy, probably a lot of light.

That would catch me off guard, heck yes.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't think they said anything when they first saw the angels. I think it was obvious to the angels that the mortals were frightened because they had just wet themselves.

Julie Morrison said...

I'm pretty sure Abraham wanted to feed the angels he saw, I'm thinking they must look exhausted.
Personally, I know mine are. I give them a real work out waling in faith all the time. I think when I die, I'll say to them, 'DOn't be afraid, it wasn't your fault!" And they'll say something like, "You remember all those near death experiences you had? That was us asking for vacation. Raphael and I are taking a well deserved vacation now!"

Anonymous said...

Something from the other world, coming to me, out in the open in broad daylight would scare the spit out of me.

Nothing could be said at that moment since all the saliva in one's mouth would become as dust in one frightful instant.

Thanks for making me think about the power of His Holiness for a moment, and to forget about my piddly little problems for a couple of minutes anyway.

- Steve Martin