Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Okay. I admit it. I’m stuck. Stuck-stuck-stuck!

It started innocently enough. I have this writer friend of mine – a novelist. She asked me to edit one of her books. I was flattered. Not only is she my friend, but quite a good writer. So I’m reading and reading and … funny thing. The plot took an unexpected turn. (I know. Plots are supposed to take unexpected turns. But this one was out of character.)

“So what happened here,” I asked, slurping my third cup of chocolate mouse laced coffee.

Her eyes lowered. “The characters wouldn’t let me go where I wanted,” she murmured. Shyly then, her gaze once again met mine, pleading for understanding and acceptance. (Well, maybe not “pleading,” exactly. Hey! I’m a dramatist. What do you expect?)

I don’t honestly remember what answer I gave her. In the best tradition of Walter Mitty, mentally I was already ten miles down the road and still accelerating. “There’s a play here,” I thought, “a play expressing all the insecure angst writers create for themselves, and the often heated disagreements they have with the characters they create.” (If you are a writer, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you are not a writer, let this be a warning that writers don’t live in the same world you do.)

Sorry. I digress.

So. I wrote the play. It’s a satire, of course, and silly. I’m comfortable with “silly,” and I’ve been told I do it well. Even my serious dramas have silly elements – sometimes on purpose.

I digress again. Must be age.

Now here’s my problem. I’m pleased with what I wrote – it says what I want it to say, and the humor is solid from the beginning to almost the end. Almost. I can’t figure out how to end the dumb thing! I’m only a page away – maybe less. I’m only a few words away. How do I get these characters to leave the stage?! They’re just standing there, All I get from them is “duh …” Ohmygod. I’ve become a character in my own play!

So I did what many writers do in similar situations. I raked the yard – about twenty times. I took long walks. I did breathing exercises to the point where I thought I was going to faint. I ignored it for awhile. Started other projects – including this blog.

Nothing has helped. Nothing. There it remains, this tailless albatross hanging around my neck. A-a-a-r-g-g!

That felt good. I think I feel better. Still don’t have an answer, but I feel better. You really are an outstanding listener. I hope you know you are appreciated.

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he he he. Yeah, I know.